Welcome to My Notebook

12th May

Welcome to my notebook. If it had a body beyond code, it would be bound in marbled cardboard, missing a few pages and spotted with coffee, weathered around the edges but wiser for it. I would carry it with me into the field, into libraries and diners and motel lobbies. It would walk with me, live and age with me, receive my spontaneous thoughts and offer quiet company. If it had a paper spine, my book would be a private and selfish thing made for silent conversation. In a digital form, the notebook is captive at home but available everywhere. The virtual book can be public, collaborative, and open to dialogue.

In the past, I’ve collected essays, rants, and restaurant reviews under the title, “Blog.” No essays, rants, or restaurant reviews to be found here though, nor any other formal writing. …

From the Notebook
In Search of Lost Steakburgers

I ┬ápublished this essay on┬áJuly 7th, 2011, on my old blog, which will eventually pass into the great Internet beyond. It’s one of my...

The Oxford Diet

On my old blog, I posted installments of “the Columbia diet,” a description of all the foods I ate over the course of a...

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