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Notes on Puerto Rico

26th June

“You have heard the coqui? It is the Puerto Rico frog. If you take it from Puerto Rico, it dies. I am like this frog. If you take me away, I die.” (Tour Guide at the Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center)

Lunch at a lechonera: roast pork, blood sausage, cassava, rice and beans, amarillos. A mountain road is not conducive to digestion.

What is around Guanica: Feral dogs, friendly and with pups, cactus growing tall red fruits like fezzes, conch dressed with mayonnaise and stuffed in mofongo, mahogany plantations left to wild, public beaches, sailboats, mosquitos, Finlandia vodka, mofongo, mosquitos, Medalla Light, mofongo, mofongo, an empty eggshell of horizon bordered by the sea.

What is mofongo? Mofongo is green plantain fried and mashed and flavored with garlic.

In Ponce there is a protest. The US government is holding a political prisoner. I am eating an almond …

Welcome to My Notebook

12th May

Welcome to my notebook. If it had a body beyond code, it would be bound in marbled cardboard, missing a few pages and spotted with coffee, weathered around the edges but wiser for it. I would carry it with me into the field, into libraries and diners and motel lobbies. It would walk with me, live and age with me, receive my spontaneous thoughts and offer quiet company. If it had a paper spine, my book would be a private and selfish thing made for silent conversation. In a digital form, the notebook is captive at home but available everywhere. The virtual book can be public, collaborative, and open to dialogue.

In the past, I’ve collected essays, rants, and restaurant reviews under the title, “Blog.” No essays, rants, or restaurant reviews to be found here though, nor any other formal writing. …

From the Notebook
Thai Food 1

From David Thompson’s Thai Food

Aromatic Duck Curry, geng gari bpet

Braised Quail Eggs with Star Anise and Bamboo Shoots, kai parlow

Yellow Curry of Clams with Pineapple,...

Gringo Pizzeria

What tho’ my Name stood rubric on the walls, Or plaister’d posts, with claps in capitals? Or smoaking forth, a hundred hawkers load, On wings of winds...

Happy Dog Stories, Heteronym

Has anyone ever written a happy dog story?

Seriously, need to know, contact me.


What’s up with the orgy scene in Perfume? One of the more unsatisfying...