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What have I been up to since I fell off a cliff in Utah?

I saw The Way, Way Back. It was way, way bad. And after watching Project Runway, I finally understand fierce.

Baseball Nut is a good reason to visit Baskin-Robbins.

Reading My Struggle (Karl Ove Knausgaard). Dare I say I don’t get Norway?

I like to exercise on my wheelchair. When it rains, I go to the mall in the morning, before the shoppers turn out, and zoom to the muzak. I can also support myself on my left leg, in a cam boot, and hop around using a walker.

I had a box of Chicken McNuggets, which were delicious.

Before my accident I had been reading Kafka on the Shore (Murakami) on the toilet. I finished it, listened to the “Archduke Trio” and “My Favorite Things” four or five times, and finally understood why Murakami has achieved such success with Western audiences.

The Unknowns (Gabriel Roth) is a clever book that couldn’t convert its initial energy into an ending to remember.

I learned to play cribbage.

My sister and brother shipped me a bag of Absolute Bagels! And a salami from Katz’s, some pastrami, half sour pickles, and kishka. Even three days past their prime, Absolutes beat the schlock knockoffs that pass in St. Louis. Here, round bread seems to count for a bagel. Then again, New York barbecue. . .

According to my grandfather, it is possible to fashion a mattress from ripe bananas.

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